I want to be real. 

I want to write what is real. 

Life is messey. Full of comedy and tragedy. Rough around the edges and smooth enough to cause us to slip on the proverbial floor in new shoes. 

I want to show the difference between what is asparational:


And what is real:


I want to reveal the beauty in the absurd and frustrating. The comedy in the mess. The tears in the struggle and the joy in the everyday. I don't want this space to be a space where curation has eliminated any sense of the lived exerpeince. Seeing only those images that are cleared of the flotsom and jetsom of everyday life has the tendency for us to see our messy real lives as something to be cleaned and fixed. That is not what I'm here for. I'm here to live a live that is hard and soft and funny and sad and beautiful and dirty. Being a human means being of the world, not beyond it and not apart from it.