No. 01 // Distractions & Amusements

First of all, Happiest of Holidays to everyone! I hope you all had a relaxing and fun time with family and friends in any form they may take!

P and I jetted off to Indianapolis to spend Christmas with his family and we've been loving the time. We feel like we've finally gotten a chance to relax and catch up with his side of the family, which we were sorely missing. We've already had an amazing Christmas Eve dinner (I had the most INCREDIBLE dish of Chilean Sea Bass at Flemming's Steakhouse... I can't even describe it. It was heaven, every single bite! I'm dreaming of eating it again), a fantastic Christmas day (french toast casserole and mimosas all day) and fun (and crowded) trip to the mall for a few gift exchanges. I've loved not having anything planned out and being able to relax and work a few remaining kinks out of the blog and catch up on work for a few of my wonderful clients. I feel calmer and I've gotten some much needed restful sleep. Merry Christmas to me, indeed!

We miss the girls terribly, but we're still glad we've gotten to spend time with our far flung family since we get to spend time with my family all the time. We're back in Durham on Monday so we've got a few more days to enjoy, but in the meantime, I wanted to compile a few things that have been catching my attention lately.

An incredible article that follows the departure of a once dedicated member of the Westboro Baptist Church (the hate filled "church" that often protests military funerals and is famous for the "God hates fags" signs) and the circumstances that led to her disillusionment and ultimate decision to leave. A fantastic article that delves deep into the soul of why we believe what we believe and what it would take to change that.

Have you seen the Tonight Show's Kid Theater with Tom Hanks? SO PERFECT! I've had this one in the background at work for when I need a moment to cool down. Also, when did Tom Hanks get so old?

A fun and visual walk through of common writing and grammatical mistakes from Benjamin Dreyer, the VP executive Managing Editor and Copy Chief of Random House Publishing Group. I love finding these! I'd like to think I'm a grammar nerd, but I haven't been a copy editor in so long that I make the same mistakes I hate seeing in print. A nice and fun reminder of several of the most common copy issues we'll all encounter in our daily writing.

Honestly the most delightful thing I've ever seen. Let this sweet Orangutan enjoying a magic trick warm your heart this chilly season!

Finally... GO SEE STAR WARS! It's absolutely AMAZING! J.J. Abrams did an excellent job in taking on such an enormous project. Plus: LADY JEDI!! Also BB-8 is absolutely perfect!

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