I apologize for the lack of posts recently. I’ve been up to my eyeballs in work and have been making a point to step back and unplug when I go home.

Lately, I’ve noticed that when I’ve been at work, I’m on my computer, working and listening and multi-tasking and then I get tired and want to go home to relax… but when I go home, I turn on my Mac and work and listen and multi-task… just with different subject matter. I feel exhausted and I feel like I’m losing time with my little family by doing this. So I’ve been going home and watching TV with P and playing with our girls and catching up on my article queue and savoring my food and taking a good look around and evaluating my life and what I want from it.

I’ve been making a point to mediate in the evenings, as it helps me calm my chaotic mind and actually get some sleep. In the midst of that, I’ve been thinking about what I want and about this blog and what I’ve been wanting to accomplish. I’ve realized that I write things out and set out all kinds of intentions and have all of these visions that I write out here, but when it comes to doing them, I’m always thinking about the concept and never about actually doing them. So, I’m doing them.

I’ll write about my progress because writing has always helped me sort out my thoughts properly and it helps me to lay things out in an organized manner. I’m excited for that.

In the meantime, this TED talk has been on my mind lately. I stink at being wrong. Like I STINK at being wrong. I feel shame and sickness when I realized I’m wrong and I feel this intense repulsion when I realize I’m wrong and I never allow myself to learn from my mistakes and I fail to understand that being wrong is a process in life and isn’t anything at all to be ashamed of. So I’m watching this again today as I organize my thoughts and slow myself down at work. I’ll be back to posting regularly this week once I’m out from under my big design project, but until then, I’m going to stew in what Kathryn is saying. I want to be a better person and I need to understand that do this isn’t going to be easy, but that learning from the pitfalls is what makes this messy and beautifully complicated life I have worth living.

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