Let’s talk about this little bundle of cuteness! This? This is Sriracha Bacon, our beautiful pup!She’s been with us now for a little over a month and we’re COMPLETELY smitten with her! Followers of my instagram account can definitely attest to her cuteness/my love of her. I cant get enough! It’s been quite some time since I’ve had a dog and I’ve missed having that daily reminder of simple and pure love. She’s excited to see us, she’s excited to give us kisses and play. She likes to snuggle up close when it’s bedtime. Basically, she’s awesome!

She’s a Chihuahua mutt, she’s TINY, like, weighs less than a bag of flour tiny. She’s one of six of the first (and hopefully last) litter of puppies that my parents dogs have had. They had picked up a Chihuahua mutt puppy from a friend and around six months later took in a rescue pure blood (we think) Chihuahua to give that puppy some companionship. Welp, it turns out neither were fixed and BAM, puppies! We got to meet Sriracha and her brothers and sisters when she was about two weeks old, let me tell you, puddles on the floor we were! We had been talking seriously about getting a puppy and were just waiting to get confirmation that I had gotten my new job before we decided what to do. We had been looking at Boston Terrier puppies but weren’t locked in on anything when we found out that the puppies were on their way. Patrick and I made a lunch date to see my parents so we could go home and see the puppies (who’d pass up a chance to sit with PUPPY puppies? Not this girl!) and this is what we saw:

( That little dark brown ball in the left hand corner? That’s her! )

Yea. I know! LOOK AT THEM! We were just googley over them! This was before they could really see anything or do anything more than scooch around on their tummies. Their mum Ginger was SUPER protective of them and they basically lived in this cut out Home Depot box lined with soft towels, but she has known us nearly the entire time she’s been with my parents so she let us get close and drool over them. Here’s a bit of scale to show you how tiny these little ones were:

( That’s her! We didn’t know at the time that this would be the one we picked, she just happened to be the one I snapped for scale! )

We left that meeting smitten to tears. We had never considered a Chihuahua at all. We’d assumed they were high maintenance “shiver and piss” dogs, as Patrick put it. The two my parents had were great, but could be a bit needy. We avoided talking about it for awhile and just enjoyed the photos my Mom would send us everyday of how they were growing. When we went back to see them a few weeks later, we ended up staying and playing with them for way longer than we intended, we loved the size and personalities that were showing up by then. We noticed a little one that had a really sweet spirit to her, she was rascally and would take on the big dogs when she was playing. She had a beautiful dark coat with light brown socks and a golden underbelly that stretched up to her face and gave her this dark mask look. She liked to sit with us and we had a ton of fun playing with her.

( What a little ham! She liked to take on the big dogs, we like that rebellious spirit in this house! )

Looking back, I think she chose us, really! We were sold. We let our parents know that we really liked her and that we were pretty sure we could take her. They asked if we had a name, when Patrick and I had been talking about the puppies we had played around with names, when they asked, we both said Sriracha. The Bacon part came later. Mom and Dad loved it! P has a massive taste for Sriracha hot sauce, he puts it on everything. This was the perfect name for this feisty little pup.

( She’s a lazy one. ALWAYS sleeping. Also, she has taken over this striped blanket, she wont sleep without it )

 We knew we would have to wait for her eight or nine week birthday to bring her home. Puppies need to stick with their Mum to make sure that they’re weaned and healthy enough to make it on their own, it worked out perfectly that we could pick her up on Thanksgiving. It was our first Thanksgiving out of retail and we were able to lounge around and enjoy the puppies that weekend. We had picked up a crate, toys and a few other supplies already and we were ready to bring her back. I’ll admit, I had some last minute anxiety. I hated the thought of keeping her away from her brothers and sisters, but from what I’d read Chis are a pretty sturdy breed. Now that she’s with us, I cant imagine not having her!

( She also loves my Grandmothers quilt, she likes to sleep right next to one of us, so she’ll dig in and wrap up in the quilt and her stripe blanket and pass out )

Having her is really wonderful! It’s been challenging sometimes, as it should be with a puppy. She’s picked up house training quickly and she has these little bursts of energy and needs to play every few hours, but for the most part it’s been smooth sailing. I’ve been a big baby and have had a hard time hearing her cry as we’ve been crate training her, but Patrick is a pro. He’s been coming home from work at lunch to let her out and we’ve developed a pretty consistent routine that we stick with, that definitely helps her in her training. All and all, I think it’s been a great experience so far. So far, here are a few things we’ve learned:

• Puppies sleep A LOT. Like several hours a day PLUS nearly all the way through the night. She also likes sleeping ON us. It’s very sweet.

• Chis tend to imprint on one person and attach to that one person. However, we cant quite figure out who that is. She likes to sit with me and sleeps with me when we’re sitting in the living room, but when we go to bed, she loves to sleep right on top of Patrick. I think it’s the fact that P is a FURNACE when he’s sleeping, she must like being warm and cozy.

• Speaking of warm, she’s still a pup and is so small that she’s not quite mastered controlling her own temperature yet. Since she’s so small, she loses heat fast. That said, she’s not been outside yet. Since it’s now actually getting cold outside, we’re not going to be taking her out just yet. We’re excited to for Spring when we can actually start taking walks, she’s been fine so far, but sometimes she does get bored and will get a bad case of the wiggles and need to get some energy out. It’ll be nice to have her join us on our walks when it’s not too cold or too hot.

• SPOILED this pup is! She’s got several toys (that she’s already destroyed/killed the squeaker in) and gets a treat nearly every time we come home. She also does the sad face when we’re eating and I’m the sucker that gives her people food under the table. She’s petted almost the entire times she’s awake and she’s got full reign over our seating, meaning WE move out of the way for HER when Princess Sriracha is ready to nap.

• Patrick is going to be a GREAT Dad. It’s been so much fun watching him take care of her and interact with her. He’s not had a dog is over 10 years so this has been quite an experience for him. He’s had a BIG lesson in patience in having her around, but it’s been so awesome seeing he and the pup together. She’s just SO small and he’s this tall solid guy, yet he totally puddles on the floor when he’s with her. I love watching him grow and change as we walk through our life together!

As you can see, we’re in love and this was basically a post just to post as many photos as I could of her! We’re so excited to have her join our little family and we really cant wait to see how our family grows together. We never thought we’d have such a punny little pup, but it turns out we found the one with a spirit the size of Mount Rushmore. She’ll be showing up here from time to time, but it was only right that she make her grand entrance with puppy cuteness just the way she deserves!

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