Hi there, it’s me… the author of this blog. Still alive over here. Hahaha.

Hookay. So I’m stinking at this updating alot already. Booooo on me. I’m going to be better. Promise. So today is a day of ease and I’m going to take advantage of it. I’m at the end of my quarter here at work and able to spend a bit more time on my big picture projects as opposed to the myriad of little things that take up a lot of my time and headspace.

That being said. I’m thinking more and more about clearing clutter. Making that headspace more streamlined and focused on what I find important and getting rid of distractions. I want to simplify WAAAAAYYYYY down. Like, pre-decide what I want for a season, think about it intensely for a deciding time and then let it ride and work creatively within limitations I set for myself ahead of time. Does that make sense?

Basically I want to par down SO MUCH that I’m forced to be really creative with very few options. I’m ready for a good challenge and a way to break up my crippling indecision. I stink and making firm decisions right away, I take waaayyy too much time to think about them. I beat them to death and then have awful regret afterword. No more. I want to take some dedicated time to frame up a particular section of life and then simply operate within it using only the tools I set aside for myself.

I’ve been seeing it trend lately, but I want to create “capsules” of different aspects of my life. For me, it all started at Unfancy, a self-proclaimed ‘Minimalist Fashion Blog’. I love the idea she’s working with. Setting a determined wardrobe up and working only within that predefined wardrobe. What a fantastic idea! I’ve been re-reading this favorite book recently and she also advocates for a limited wardrobe of quality pieces.

I’m excited to give it a try. Caroline over at Unfancy has published a worksheet to help me get started and I’m really looking forward to diving into it this weekend. I’m going to aim for creating a Fall wardrobe with as few pieces as possible and set a budget for any new pieces as well. The fun part will be thinking about what style I want to pursue. I’m thinking a hyper edited Pinterest board that I can then look for trends on, then I can par down to a few tangibles.  Maybe something like this?

One of my goal in this is to save money by limiting my viewing of shopping sites while I’m in the middle of this experiment and see how my focus shifts. I also want to extend this to other parts of my life. Can we do a capsule food regimen? While I’m in the middle of this limited wardrobe I want to shift my focus to outfitting our home. Can I create a capsule home too? The possibilities are endless!

For now, I’m thinking about what a capsule life would look like while examining the motivations I have for it. When I start sharing that process here, I want to be thoughtful and honest. I want to set realistic goals and really challenge myself to operate within limitations to hone my discipline skills. I also want to turn my focus to more worthwhile pursuits. I need to up my reading and coding game, not thinking about clothes and beauty tutorials would really help. I want to learn how to cook by, you know, cooking. Not getting food fatigue by looking at endless Pinterest recipes. Wait… capsule food regimen of ALL CHOWDERS!

Mmmmmmm… I’m liking this capsule life