Time stinks some times. You know? You really REALLY want to work on something, and nineteen BRILLION other things show up and demand your attention.

I feel like that’s what’s happened here.

I think about blogging all the time. How much I miss the community that has been created around writing and sharing on social media, that great dialogue that I get from people I’ve never met and share my point of view. So here it is. Time to address the long absences and set some expectations for myself. Time to recommit to doing something that I love, and offer some semblance of an explanation as to what I’ve been away. (Thanks to all who have messaged/emailed/DMed to check in!). I’m totally stealing the title from the likes of Natalie Jean and Postcards from Rachel, but I think it’s an effective way to construct this little update. So here goes…



Life, man, it’s totally gotten in the way of all kinds of creative things I’ve started. I’ve had to put some really exciting personal projects on hold to just catch myself up on everything going on. Nothing overly eventful, just the normal kinds of responsibilities that demand (and deserve) my full attention.


As of right now, I’m mostly adjusting to my job at Bronto.

Let me stop and say HOLY SMOKES I’ve hit the jackpot of jobs! I’m firmly, deeply, passionately in love with it!

As of right now I’m a Training Specialist and Content Manager for our Sales Team. Mostly what that means is that I get to spend my days solving design problems and learning all kinds of technical knowledge to pass on to our new and experienced sales reps. My job combines the deeply technical tasks that I adore (coding, technical troubleshooting, technical consulting) with the highly creative endeavors that are my lifeblood (graphic design, visual problem solving, presentation design, videography and photography).

Seriously. I’m up to my eyeballs with work… and I couldn’t be happier with it! I thank my lucky stars everyday that P took a leap and applied here and helped me get in front of the right people to get this amazing opportunity. I get to work with incredible people, with a product that I really believe in and at the same time I’m creating really beautiful portfolio pieces in a feedback rich environment that really seeks to see me succeed. I’ve gained wonderful lady mentors who see the potential I have an push me out of my comfort zone and set high expectations of me to be better every day, every project.

It takes a ton of my time and brain-space, but I’m learning to separate the personal from the professional and I’ve got great support to do that, I’m excited to be excited to go to work…. and trust me, after the last job I had (let me stop here and say, people of the fruit stand: YOU ARE MY PRIZED LOVES, the job just really sucked toward the end, you know what I mean) being exited to get up and go to work is leaps and BOUNDS more magnificent that I could have expected.


Life is pretty grand. Not gonna lie. It’s just flowing along in this really peaceful and lovely pace that is SO INCREDIBLY welcome.

The last few years were a minefield of financial, health and personal difficulties. Life was really difficult and laborious and P and I felt like things just kept sliding out from under us. Our mantra was “It’s going to get better, our moment is coming”, it took a lot longer than we thought it would, but we’ve finally arrived at the moment and we’re both just basking in the peace and warmth of a calm and forward-moving life.

We’ve moved into a great apartment that actually has room for us and the girls (it’s a little big for my taste, but it works… and fits my books, so that’s just aces with me), we’re taking the time to slowly purchase things for it that we love and that we’ll keep with us as we move forward in out life together.

We’ve added to our little crew again…

Pico de Gallo the Chihuahua as joined our little band of merrymakers and we’re all loving having a sweet little pup in our lives! Sriracha is glad to have a tiny friend to keep her company during the day while we’re at work, and P and I are enjoying having a little one who just LOVES to be held and makes snuggles like it’s her J-O-B. Both girls are in good health and spirit and create a ridiculously awesome air of lightness and love in our lives. P and I are prone to brooding, letting the serious parts of life take over. The girls demand us to be present and attentive and remind us every moment that unfettered love is a well-spring of peace and joy. P and I are enjoying this life of peace immensely!

Now that finances and jobs are running smoothly, we’re able to laugh together again, we’re able to go out on dates, we’re able to purchase little gifts for each other and most importantly, we’re able to be together and be truly present with each other. Before, we always had something in the way, always a worry, always a job, different work schedules and financial demands kept us in a  perpetual state of coming and going.

Now that things are just GOOD, we’re able to eat leisurely brunches together, to have ridiculously existential conversations about overly serious things over deserts and good food. Let me tell you, I’m the LUCKIEST lady in the world. P is just so GOOD. The girls are just GOOD and my incredible INCREDIBLE family (both mine and his)? They’re just my hearts joy. Every single one of them. We’ve been traveling with them over the summer for weddings and dinners and it’s just so amazing to sit and be with them. They’re jewels, of them! What and incredible example to have as P and I walk forward towards our own family. Gosh. Seriously. Just GOOD.


Phew, now that the gushing is done (sorry not sorry, sometimes you’ve got to grab onto the good and just BASK in it, you know?), let’s talk about what to expect from the blog from now on.

I’ve been thinking quite a bit about what I’d like to see happen here.

There are a couple of options: One is that I can use this as a daily diary of sorts, where I chronicle life on a daily basis. There’s a draw in that. It would be an interesting exercise, at least in the beginning, of getting myself back in the groove of blogging.I think doing this would provide a great structure for me to figure out what I like writing about and what I don’t like writing about. As I feel more comfortable blogging, I’ll pull back the reigns a bit and back off posting the minutiae and take a more targeted and curated approach at the content. I’m happy to build my readership back up slowly.

My intention before was never to drop off the world, yet I kind of did. I let the curatorial aspect of blogging overwhelm me. I wanted my life to be projected as a perfect shade of rosy. It’s just not that. It’s messy and complicated and I rather like that. I won’t be too raw here, that wouldn’t serve anyone, least of all me. What I do want to chronicle and explore is my path to finding and settling into my tastes. I’ve just entered into the last year of my 20’s and I’m excited to starting settling into my personal style. These last nine years have been so tumultuous and such a learning experience that now that everything is settling into place, I’m ready to set myself up for success in my 30’s… which I’m RIDICULOUSLY excited about, I hear tell you just stop give a flying fu*kall about what others think and settle into your own skin. WHAT A RELIEF IT WILL BE!

I’ll share daily glimpses of life and what I’m loving and thinking about. I’ll make sure it’s really visually interesting here, lots of photos and mood boards. I’ll get into a few of the personal projects I’m working on and share the journey P and I are on, health-wise, which is a nice segue to….


I’m really excited to start back with this blog life. I’ve got a nice list going of things I want to focus on, and in between that, you can expect lots of recommendations and thought experiments as I narrow down to what I like and don’t like for a host of avenues in my style journey.

Another aspect that I’m excited to get to is the journey that P and I are on concerning our health. We’ve both had a rough few years with our bodies. P has had a major surgery (which I’ve shared here) and is on the up and up and is getting back into shape to play rugby again (YAYA) and I’ve developed (what we believe are) several food allergies and diets and habits need to change.  We’ve had to battle some interesting foes on the road this recovery and needless to say, we’re making some SERIOUS lifestyle shifts to whip ourselves into shape and get back on track.

Neither one of us are terribly sick, but we’re not youngins’ anymore and we don’t bounce back as well as we’re used to. I’m excited to start sharing our food and lifestyle shift journey here. As many of my friends know, I can cook a mean pot of ramen… AND THAT’S IT. I’m excited to learn how to cook and I’m excited to do that with P by my side. I think this is going to be an awesome excersice in patience and discipline and I’m really excited to watch someone else grow with me and in turn see my own growth through the eyes of someone else.

Well, there you go. An overview of what’s going on and some goals I’ve set for the blog. I do hope you’ll join me on the journey and interact! I’m so very glad you’ve stuck with me, I’m ready to get back on the horse and I’m always up for suggestions and topics to discuss. As for now? ONWARD!