So it’s been a minute since I’ve been around here. There’s alot going on around the house and P and I have been spending some extra time together and getting over some humbling ailments. We’ve also been enjoying the company of visiting friends and getting back into the swing of work after vacations and sick days. Beyond that, there have been numerous phone interviews and lots of exciting changes building and while it’s a little overwhelming, it’s also awesome getting back into the game. I’ll explain more when I can, but until then, I thought I’d ease back into regular posting by sharing some of my favorite podcasts.


I love music, don’t get me wrong, but when I’m driving in my car, I tend to get bored, music just doesn’t cut it. I’ve been in love with podcasts for a long time, here recently I’ve finally set in my weekly schedule and I thought I’d share. These are a few of my favorites with a quick explanation of what each is and why it’s awesome.


Stuff You Missed In History Class : An awesome podcast dealing with historical events, places and people that are a little off the beaten path. The hosts are wonderful and each topic is fascinating and usually more connected that you would think to the history you already know.


Stuff Mom Never Told You : Another How Stuff Works podcast, this one deals strictly with lady business. A feminist podcast for the masses, topics range from ‘Women and Anger’ to ‘How to Negotiate’ to Beauty and Body Issues, not your normal female fare, Host Cristen and Caroline take a critical look at issues face women today and how research and culture shifts can benefit us all.


Freakonomics Radio : The radio presence of the eponymous book, this podcast shows “The Hidden Side of Everything”, host Stephen Dubner takes a different angle of approach to  everyday aspects of life. Each podcast is a new topic and a fascinating look at how the numbers can bring awesome insight into the tiny aspects of just about anything.


Radiolab : An awesome science podcast produced by WNYC, a favorite recent episode dealt with a possible treatment for Rabies, a virus with nearly 100% fatality rates. I love the fair-handed approach take to each subject and the forced perspective that past episodes have created.


Double X Gabfest : The podcast of the Slate feminist Double X Blog. I love how each podcast is a discussion of current topics on the feminist radar. The hosts provide and excellent perspective from and older and younger point of view and also address each topic with an excellent grasp of cultural context. I really love writer Hanna Rosin and she is the host of this podcast, a feminist must download.


Point of Inquiry : The official podcast of the Center For Inquiry, voice of reason and the skeptic community. Each episode is intelligently presented and I can count on hearing debates and subjects grounded in reason and free of faith-based arguments and religious convictions. I very much love the interviews and enjoy hearing a completely grounded point of view in each topic. Especially in the science areas.


The Partially Examined Life : My FAVORITE podcast thus far, this is one I’ve just recently come across. It’s a Philosophy podcast hosted by a rotating cast of former philosophy majors, each podcast takes on a new topic or philosopher and the discussions that ensure are incredibly insightful and hilarious. I love that it helps me learn about what something P loves and it also provides some really great insight into topics I deal with all the time.


Planet Money : Yep, guilty, I’m an avid NPR listener. That makes me both a hipster and an overly wealthy 50 year old English professor. Planet Money though, it’s my favorite. I love each topic and how it is explained in a way that someone who doesn’t deal in finance can understand. I also enjoy it’s in-depth reporting on topics that are both relevant and accessible.


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