Even though you’ll find the word ‘resolution’ somewhere in the archives here, I’ve had to time to think about it more and more… and I’ve decided: I really hate the word ‘resolutions’. It’s so… formal. Governments make resolutions… well, other governments, MY government can’t seem to figure out how to work together, but that’s a rant for another day. Resolution implies this ultra-noble cause, it’s also really rigid. As in, no wiggle room. I hate no wiggle room.

So here are a few things I’ll be working on this year. Of course there are a few that aren’t listed, but I think these will be good  goals to keep in mind and keep me on track for a few larger goals I have in mind.


Mindfullness –

This is definitely something I’m always working on, but I want to continue to focus on this. I want to focus on taking time before I speak, being less reactionary and more even-headed. I want to focus on taking more time to consider things for myself before I then react to them. I want to be more conscious of what is coming out of my mouth (or through my fingers) and I want to practice centering myself and examining my thoughts. Practice mediation more regularly than I am now.


Lean Down and Eat Better –

This one is a big one. I’ve had a few health issues sideline me for around eight months. I’m ready to get back on the horse and start bringing my weight back down. I want to approach this mindfully and keep a level head about it. I want to focus on leaning down and make sure I’m keeping HIIT and weight training in mind.  Make a point to lean down to my established goal by my 30th birthday and focus on weight training enough to see some definition on my birthday.

In addition to this, set up and established morning cardio workout and stick with it. It’s going to have to start at 5am if I’m going to stick with it and have no excuses. Also focus in on my diet. Specifically, I’d like to focus in on eliminating as much sugar as possible while also learning to cook more flavorful lean meals. My diet is actually pretty ok, the sugar needs to come down and I want to focus on eating more whole foods. P and I watched this shocker and are now quite dedicated to keeping an eye on things. I’d also like to institute the principles in this book, they line up with our food ethics and would help us gain more nutrients and healthful food into our food regimes. It’s also a pretty clear guideline set, so it’ll be easy to stick to.


Growing out My Hair –

After taking the plunge and chopping ALL of it off for a pixie cut, I’m dead on into the growing out phase. I’ve almost hit full shoulder-length and I’ve got a few mini goals built into this larger goal of growing out my hair. I’d like to pick a style goal and start building up to that with my stylist. I want to keep in mind my goal color (which is lighter) and invest in quality products to build in strength to help make the growing out process easier.



I’m SO DISAPPOINTED with myself this year. I totally fell off the wagon here. I’ve got a really ambitious reading list going on my Goodreads profile, READ THROUGH IT. I’ve committed to this already with Kindle Unlimited, so keep at it and keep going. I’ve read though a book already this week, keep it up. I also want to get my Pocket queue under control and start reading and posting more about what I’m reading here on the blog. It would be a good exercise in critical thinking and could be quite interesting to gain reactions here. Finally, I’d like to make sure that my morning reading time is spent with something that inspires. I’ve been picking thisup on and off for the last year and a half, I’ll start there.


 Focus on Minimalism and Shedding Excess –

I’ve been very dedicated to this for the last half of the year, but I’m determined to really dig through ALL of our stuff and clean out anything that isn’t relevant to our life anymore. I’ve put a lot of emphasis on my wardrobe, which I still want to get under control, but I’ve made good headway there. I want to really dig through my books, old furniture that doesn’t make sense in our apartment anymore and various random things that have just travelled with us as we’ve moved. I want us to make a point to be more intentional in our purchases from now on as well. I want to focus on quality and longevity as well as picking things up that are in our style taste and can stick with us. From here we’re either taking he plunge and moving overseas or we’re taking the plunge and purchasing a house. Either way, I’m tried of just picking up what we need now without thinking about a cohesive look and whether or not it matches up with our chosen style. A few mini goals:

  • Really dig through clothes that I’ve put into storage, for P and I. Get rid of what doesn’t belong anymore. Focus on shoes and random t-shirts.
  • Bring the book collection down to a mostly unreasonable size, better than the completely irrational size it is now. Think about what I want to keep and what to get rid of. To reward myself, purchase thisbeauty (there’s plenty of stacking room on top) ;P
  • Think about the bulky furniture we have now, what can be replaced with something simpler, warmer and more “us”? Think cohesion and quality materials.
  • THE KITCHEN! I’ve started with the flatware, now it’s time to work replacing the cookware, glassware and our dishes. We’ve worn all of ours out and broken quite a few things, let’s get these things squared away and uniform. Replace cookware that we use, no need for excess.
  • Read through a few books I’ve been hearing good things about, this will be a good start.


Finances and Job –

P and I have been making a point of combing through our expenses and identifying areas we can rework and simplify and I want this to be another focus this year, with an additional goal of placing more money into our living abroad/ buying a house/having a baby account. Now that I feel settled into my job and have earned accolades in the last year. This has allowed me to develop a clearer path that I’m excited to follow this next year and I’ve added quite a few valuable skills to my regimen that I want to continue to hone. I think this is going to be a big year, our company has some exciting plans and doors are opening into several new and scary (in a good way) avenues that will test me in ways that I’m really excited about. Stick with it and challenge myself.



There are a few other random things I’d like to focus in on as well. I want to take a couple friends weekend with the Hilbert’s and Ledford’s this year and just spend time with people we miss dearly. It’ll be good for the soul. I’d also like to take more walks with our girls. They’re not particularly excited about being outside, but I hate the idea of keeping them cooped up. Regular walks would be good for them and a great time for P and I to enjoy family time. My brothers and I are also focused on getting a few renovation projects taken care of at our parents house, I’m super excited about this and I think it is a great family project. I also want to take a whole family trip, it’s been too long since we’ve all been together to relax.

Last but not least, this year I’ll be turning 30. I can’t quite explain how excited I am. Mostly because I have heard that 30 is a big turning point and I’m excited to see how I change. I’m planning on making this a pivotal year (as much as I can) and I’m preparing for it as best I can. I want to be more disciplined this year and I want to keep my eyes on the prize, as it were. I want to focus on the present and focus on my inner self more. To do that I’ll be taking on more creative pursuits and taking in more activities that are good for my soul. More orchestra visits, more good movies and more good writing. All lead to a better soul. A better, more full soul is what I’m aiming for this year.

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