Every year we take our annual vacation with Ps family on Hilton Head Island. This year will be pretty special in that Ps family is holding their family vacation there this year! I’ll get to meet family whilst also enjoying über delicious fresh seafood and famous turkey and mustard sandwiches by Ps Mom in the cooler. Champagne on the porch at night and cold beer on the beach. I’m excited to catch up on my reading and spend some quality time soaking up the sun… under the biggest umbrella I can find with baby strength sunblock on, let’s not get ahead of ourselves, I’m still Irish pale, which is basically clear. Books, beer and boyfriend, I can’t wait!


Bathing Suit from JCrew // Blanket from Ikea // Infusion Pitcher from Target // Cod by Mark Kurlansky // Salt by Mark Kurlansky // Johnstown Flood by David McCullough // BB Cream by Kiehls // Tote by Apolis + Indigo & Cotton // Sunnies by Ray Ban