It’s been quite a few weeks since my last check-in here! I promise I’ll get better about writing! The reason I’ll have more time to write? I GOT A SHINY NEW JOB! Also, WE BROUGHT HOME THE CUTEST NEW PUPPY! Like I said, quite a few weeks! Let’s go in order, shall we?


First: The new job. YAYAYAYAYAYYA!!!! I’ll stop myself from more YAs and !!!’s eventually, but for right now? I’m just walking around in perma-euphoria! I received a call early in the morning on the Friday before the week of Thanksgiving with good news: I’d been selected for the position of Training Coordinator at Bronto Software, would I be interested? Ummm… let’s just say, I was freaking out, but kept my cool for a few moments to talk about the position and accept. Post call? Running up and down the tiny apartment, calling P at work and calling my family with loud screeching and laughter. I love that every. single. one of them flipped out with me! Have I bragged on how blessed I am with such an incredibly family and friends group? OMG. This is the company I’ve been working on breaking into for over a year! I’ve been talking with the recruiting department for various positions and we’ve discussed and interviewed and we’ve finally arrived!


Lemmie tell you about this gig, it’s perfect! The company itself is a marketing firm that specializes in e-commerce marketing, which is right in my line of study, it’s also very VERY open and creative, just like me! We’re housed in an INCREDIBLY beautiful office in the American Tobacco Campus in Durham, NC ( check it out! ) and my area is in a BRAND NEW renovation of the campus called ‘The Bridge’, pardon me while I brag about my view a bit:

( This is the view from my desk, the huge windows of these renovated tobacco warehouses reflect the most beautiful light! I’m also over in a bright corner where I can see both this and the other view from my seat! )

( this is from the other side, we have a MASSIVE wall of windows and we get to see all the pretty decorations and events on the lawn! )

A-hem, ok, so… my position is as Training Coordinator which means I’ll be working on employee development as well as video and content editing for the online learning system we’re building and refining! Right now the company is doing incredibly well and we’re constantly growing, what I was brought on to do is work with my fantastic boss Stephanie to establish and standardize a training program that we can implement as we grow larger and larger. I get to spend my days working on shooting and editing videos, designing content for our internal training and basically learning about the coolest programs that we and others are developing to expand our companies footprint in the e-commerce marketing field. I’m so TERRIBLY excited! I finished my first week of work this last week and this weekend has been the first weekend I’ve had off on purpose since I graduated college! I’m enjoying spending ridiculous amounts of time with my love and our newest family member, which brings me to…..

This girl!

Ladies and Gents, may we present to you, Miss Sriracha Bacon! Isn’t she the CUTEST THING YOU’VE EVER SEEN?!?! Let me tell you, that photo just doesn’t do it justice, here’s another, you know, for example:

So adorable it’s sickening! Needless to say: we’re completely smitten! She’s a Chihuahua, she’s around 12 weeks old and weighs less than a loaf of bread! We’re in love and we’re not ashamed! She’s been with us for a full week now and she’s already mostly housebroken and mostly crate trained! Let me tell you, hearing her cry that first time we left her at home for my first day of work was heartbreaking, but now she’s a pro and we get to come home see her at lunch time, that’s how close work is for us!

Ok, enough gushing ( for now! ) I’m writing a full post about Sriracha for later in the week that tells her story and is full of snaps, stay tuned! Until then, hope everyone has a fantastic week!

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