Adjusting is exactly what’s going on over here.


P is on the mend and that means lots of rest and limited activity. For us this means lots of movies and binge series watching, not complaining though! It’s been lots of laughing and scaring the bajezzus out of ourselves whilst eating popcorn and drinking lots of hot tea. We’re making the best of it and treating ourselves to some meals out since we’re both so worn out from these last few weeks and that has meant lots of heartfelt conversations that are so much better than heartbreaking conversations we’ve had to have pre-op.

We’re also trying to keep me distracted as I’ve got some big decisions that are out of my control coming down this next week, thus far that’s meant watching lots of Top Gear and discussing which cars I should add to my list to test drive. We’ve added the Ford Fiesta to the list, the Volkswagen Golf and CC and P has convinced me to try out a few larger crossover types: the Subaru Forester and the Ford Escape. I’m not sold on owning such a big car. I hate huge cars and I feel a deep sense of personal responsibility when it comes to my fuel consumption. I don’t haul people or things often and I take corners like an F1 driver, this generally means bad news in a car with any kind of high wheel base. We’ll see though, he’s made some convincing arguments and I’m willing to give it a test try to see if I feel like it’s a ride I would enjoy. I’ll go ahead and say up front that it’s going to take a HELLUVA lot to get me to part with my precious subcompacts. You can’t go wrong in a tiny car: excellent price, low fuel consumption, better design and low environmental impact all in one tiny little package!

Jamie CrouthamelComment