We’ve arrived in Hilton Head and have officially commenced vacation mode around here. It’s hard to describe how MUCH we needed some time away from Durham, so we’re really taking our relaxing seriously. Ive already broken out the mid-morning wine and cheese as well as established daily all day wearing of bathing suits and loose caftans. As much as I needed some time away to dive into the sea and my big-bag-of-books (purchased specially for this trip), I’m finding that I miss our girls terribly. P and I have decided that sleeping in bed without them is colder (hello tiny furnaces) and mornings are much less fun (who doesn’t love face kiss alarm clocks?).

Even so, I’m glad to be away from it and all and ready to spend the next week under the warm sun (covered in nuclear grade SPF, of course, I am Irish) and lost in my James Rollin series-a-thon. When we get back we’re jumping right into the fire with end-of-quarter events and a pretty huge set of coming projects as our company grows larger. For now, we’re taking it easy and relishing salty air, good food and good company.


other things:

catching up on a few favorite blogs, how luxurious!

finally, pup safe cleaning products for we type a’s over here.

enjoying a few end-of-season summery pastas while we’re here.

these will for SURE be on repeat all fall.

a much needed reminder.

new favorite sweatshirt (and first purchase for the fall/winter capsule wardrobe)!

flair for my new desk.

new necklaces for the ladybugs.

beach listening for this week.

last bit of encouragement as I take the plunge on purchasing my capsule wardrobe this week.