This weekend was all about rest for our little family. After out-of-town guests last weekend, rugby injuries and a week of interviews…. we’re pooped!


We chose to take our dinners outside our little apartment on Friday and Saturday and hit up our local Whole Foods for wine, cheese and a protein restock on Sunday afternoon. I love making a point to take our free days slowly. We had a delicious brunch at our favorite local diner Elmo’s where we decompressed and discussed everything that’s been going on this last week (lots of exciting changes, we hope!), then we took a drive over to Whole Foods and took our time picking up some of our favorite treats. The rest of the night was dedicated to the iTunes Music Festival on our AppleTV and working together on a presentation P has for work. Not too shabby and just the right pace to ease us into Fall, which FINALLY settled in around here this week! We’re excited to (hopefully) get some good news this week and get ourselves back into the work/rugby practice/cooking routine.  Hope your weekend was lovely and relaxing as well!


PS: Look at that concentration from P in that first scene! The Meat Counter is serious business with this guy, being from the Midwest, he has a very discerning palette. Me? I’m never going to turn down a well marbled piece of steak! WIN!