Sometimes it just takes a fresh start to spark back creativity to a gal.

That’s what’s going on here.

I’ve been considering a full rebrand for awhile now. A Savage Curiosity was a blog that I started several years ago when I was a very different person than I am today. While I really love reading blogs where the changes that happen in ones life are logged in the archives, I wanted to create a place where I could grow in the future without being tethered to a past I’ve chosen to move beyond. So here we are, welcome to Ink & Folly! I’m excited to unleash my creativity here and really move to push my design and personal style.

I’ve got a huge list of things I’d like to cover and I’ve got some really fun ideas for things I want to share, so I thank you for coming along with me and I look forward to hearing what you think on this and all things!