So at any one time I’ve got a couple million things on my mind (hello, I’m a woman) so I thought it would be an interesting exercise to share a bit of a snapshot of what my mind at any one time. Thus, a series in born. Ladies and gents, introducing ‘The Now’.

Today I’m thinking about what it means to learn and grow. I have a fairly serious challenge with myself going on right now: I’m making a point to ‘put my money where my mouth is’, as it were, with regards to giving a damn what others think. I have a big problem with letting this bother me. Perhaps it stems from a really terrible high school experience, I don’t know. It’s really getting to a ridiculous point. I think we all struggle with it, but I’m ready to learn to let it go. Taking the time to understand that what has made me successful and kept me going is that I’m not afraid to seek out what I don’t know and change what isn’t working is going to make it clear what has set me apart from a lot of the people around me. So today, I choose not to give a damn. I choose my own path and I’m going to remember this:

Listening - Ghost/Haunted by Beyonce. Sexy and haunting.

Reading - The Curse of Meh: Why Being Extraordinary is Not a Matter of Being Universally Liked but of Being Polarizing – Brain Pickings

Wanting - The iPhone 6. We’ve got a bunch of travel coming up and we’re having to save our pennies, but as soon as the new year and our bonus rolls in, it’s this and a new camera rig for me!

Needing - A good long minimal tank to run in. Now that the gym near work has the heat on to beat the cold, something cool and breathable is a must.

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