Few things in life are more sublime than the small shifts that move us from chaos to peace.

Most of the time those things are meaningful big events: meeting your life-partner, getting the job that makes your life less stressed, that kid learning to sit still and eat as opposed to tossing every noodle back at your head. Sometimes though, those things are as small as moving your office desk from upstairs, smack dab in the middle of the SUPER noisy sales-floor, to the wondrously – no – MIRACULOUSLY quiet BD annex.


Oh wonder of wonders, this quiet!

Not to mention, we’re the behind-the-scenes worker bees of our Sales Organization and existing up in the middle of the too cool for school sales area with all the reps was distracting and frustrating. Don’t get me wrong, our salespeople are great, they’re my focus, getting them all trained up to be big-kid salespeople closing million dollar deals. But really, they’re L-O-U-D and they throw footballs across the desk pods… hazardous for we data geeks.

But no more! Now we’re down with the über-talented Business Development team to show them some training love and… to gain some peace. It’s wonderful.

How lovely that such a small change can make such a difference! Now we can Salesforce mine and spreadsheet fill and video edit in peace!  Oh gods of desk planning and expansion, we salute you! Also… LARGER DESK! I kind of feel like an adult now!

Can I just say, I love my job  Go Bronto!