1. This unexpectedly perfect find. I’ve had a love/hate relationship with F21 ever since I read an article about the work conditions of their factory workers. While I really dislike nearly everything in the shop, I still subscribe to their daily arrivals on the off-chance I’ll find a diamond in the rough. This totally turned out to be one! I was looking for something that looked ‘work-nice’ and could be dressed up or down. I wasn’t expecting much, F21 tees can be flimsy and shoddily made, but this one is fantastic! The shape is a oversized, which I like (I’m pairing it with skinny jeans and heels- My go-to work outfit), the material is soft and looks and feels super luxurious and expensive and the dolman sleeves are just the right amount of bat-wing. Thanks F21!

2. I’ve been making a conscious effort to take better care of my skin this summer and my dermatologist recommended this Paula’s Choice 2% BHA exfoliant to help keep my cell turnover up on my somewhat acne-prone skin. So far so good! After a few days of use I’m noticing my rosacea is calming down and my overall skin tone is more even. Side benefit: I can feel a few persistent blemishes that always seem to hover just under my skin going away… SCORE! I’m considering picking up a few more things from this RESIST line as well. I’ll report back on how it goes.

3. I’m almost finished with ‘At Home, A Short History of Private Life’ by Bill Bryson. I have to say, I’M IN LOVE with his writing! This is my first foray into his full-length work and I’m SO excited to read through his catalogue now! I’ve read quite a few of his articles, and loved his wit. I HIGHLY recommend! He’s fun and insightful and the history and tangents in this book are priceless! You’ll never look at the rooms in your home the same way again. How wonderful to be re-introduced to a place like your own home in such a funny way!

4. I’m really in love with this hair color. My hair is a light brown right now with blonde highlights sprinkled in. I’m thinking a deep plum color for lowlights this fall would be really lovely. I’m trying to decide if I want to keep my hair dark or move towards a blonde. In the meantime, while I’m being as kind and hands off as possible while I take the time to let it grow back and nourish it, this would be a fun in-between color while it’s short and looks a little more alt-rock.

5. I have my first eye appointment in three years next week, THREE YEARS! What a slacker. I’m super excited to be evaluated for new glasses. I’ve got my FSA loaded up and I’m going to get a few pairs this go around so I can ditch these store bought reading glasses I’ve been rocking like an old person (I’m looking at you Momsie). I’m thinking these frames from Warby Parker will fit perfectly! They’re approved by Jeremy and his wonderful friend Chris who saw them on me at the flagship store in NYC earlier this summer, so I know they’ll work on my face. I’m also excited to rock my first pair of tortoise shell style specks. I hear-tell they’re really versatile and would fit with my eye color/skin tone really well.



A Few Random Other Lovelies:

1. This pin. I’m officially in the awkward stage of pixie cut grow out and I’m drawing ALOT of inspiration from this style. It fits perfectly with my overall style and I’m having fun pushing my thick hair around and making it look fun and punky.

2. Conturing with concealer? Sure, I’m game. I stink at makeup but this looks easy enough! I’m going to play around with it over the weekend and see what I can do to my German cheekbones.

3. This really insightful piece on living with extreme anxiety and depression from Kate over at Wit & Delight has been bouncing around in my head all week. I love how raw and real it is and how she explains what it’s like to deal with these things in the real world. I’ve been diagnosed with both and it’s a battle you fight everyday, but one that has to involve the support of others. This is beautiful and inspiring.

4. I’ve been listening through the archives of Adams Savage’s podcast: ‘Still Untitled’ and LOVING EVERY MINUTE. As a maker myself, it’s wonderful to hear insight into the random little things has make a shop work smoothly. While I don’t have a dedicated space yet, hearing his insight into materials collection and how to keep level and motivated are wonderful. I particularly enjoyed this one on the relentless pursuit of perfection in any kind of craft. My perfectionism comes roaring through every time I create and it’s hard to step back and let the imperfections that inevitably happen make a project real and unique.

5. I’m taking Kate up on her challenge of rethinking my eating and excercise habits for the next 120 days and I’m re-reading this book to help me get there. Kate specifies that she’s used the Slow Carb Diet before and it’s worked for her and it’s done the same for me, so since I know I can stick to it and see results, I’m going to follow her lead on this one. I’m excited to dig into the challenge and start taking more ownership of my habits and health. I’m going to be sharing the journey here, so keep in tune.


Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend! I know I’m going to enjoy one last weekend of free eating before digging into my diet on Monday. I’m also setting a goal to finish ‘At Home’ and get our new rug out and plan the living room redesign around it. Whatever you’re doing, enjoy!