I’m sure these two words are trivial to nearly everyone who reads them. Perhaps you looked at the snapshot above and didn’t know which words those were.

For those of us who feel the slow ebb of Reason, those words are a cry in the dark to weary ears.

In a world full of screaming voices, ready to take down the views that make them feel uncomfortable, views that challenge their own; a welcoming hand extended feels like a breath of fresh air in a cramped and dark room.

Skeptics welcome.

Thanks you TED. Your continued support of our community does not go unnoticed. Your commitment to creating viral content that includes scores of topics including science, feminism, reason and debate have pricked curious ears and spread ideas. Here’s to an underground enlightenment, a whispered movement that bubbles up from below and supplants entrenched extremism and provides an equal ground where all voices are welcome, where all points of view are valued. We need a voice of reason in a world enamored with one-sided argument.

Skeptics welcome indeed.