Happy Birthday to my Littlest Ladybug!

One year ago today, my darling Littlest Ladybug, Pico de Gallo was born! She came to live with us three months later and our lives have been sweeter and sweeter for it. She is our ever-puppy, a tiny little ball of energy with ears that are twice as big has her head and the sweetest spirit of any dog I've ever met. She love to snuggle, play fetch and won't let you settle into your seat until she has covered every inch of your face with kisses.

Its been SUCH a blessing to have her in our lives. We thought our little family was complete when we brought home our sweet Sriracha, but when we met this sweet pup, we knew she was meant to be with us. Watching her and Sriracha become inseparable has been such a joy. Cheers to our sweet little girl and the many years we have to come! We love you littlest one, Happy Birthday!