Scenes From the Weekend: Valentines Day

Happy Valentines Days Weekend, err'body! Hope your weekend was lovely and filled with good dinners and fun things to do! For all your onesies out there, grab a friend, get some excellent food, good wine and, dammit, go see a movie!

For our little troop, a low-key V-Day was just the ticket. I received a BEAUTIFUL gigantic bouquet of roses, delivered to me desk with the sweetest note from P. It was a fantastic pick me up after lunch and they are creating the sweetest smell in our living room. After work I was treated to a great dinner and then the next day, a great lunch! Sweetest P, he's been with me on all my doctors appointments for my GI issues and it's been a long few months of tests and minor surgeries. He picked great places where I could get some clean fare and still enjoy myself. 

As for the Mister, I feigned a need to visit the J.Crew at Crabtree Valley Mall for an exchange and THOROUGHLY surprised him with a trip to the Lego store to pick out a new set of his choice. I thought he was humoring me with my surprise and knew what was going on, but, it turns out, he was totally clueless! The surprise on his face was perfect! He decided on the newest offering from the Lego + Batman collection: the Tumbler and the Ghostbusters Ecto-1, and happily spent the rest of the weekend drinking wine and putting it together. Now we have and entire shelf of legos that need proper display cases. Three cheers for nerdy couples!