Weekly Ledger #1


This week was a long one. For a few reasons, some good, some bad. Mostly just busy. We're nearing the end of our first sales quarter, which means lots of event planning for our kickoff and lots and LOTS of digging into our data to prep for sales number closing. This weekend we took it easy with blowing our paleo diet on starchy brunches, movies on the couch, snuggles with our girls and catching up on my reading. 

This photo pretty much sums up our life right now. We know we've arrived now that our weekly cart is 70% plants, 27% proteins and 2% everything else. At least we both feel good and are shedding some unneeded weight, because seeing our grocery bills now can give a girl a heart attack. Paleo is no good, but no joke! I have a feeling we'll be getting to know our butcher VEEERYY well. 




I adore small homes and this tiny London space has me head over heels in love. I've been dreaming all week about moving our tiny family in and love it for the rest of our lives. 

Speaking of gorgeous spaces: this beauty has all kinds of ideas rushing around my head. Our space needs an overhaul and simplifying, I'll be using a few ideas from here. 

Now that the weather is finally settling down, I'm thinking about my capsule wardrobe for spring/early summer. Collecting inspiration and using mostly what I have sounds like a good start. 

Jamie CrouthamelComment