Weekly Ledger #2

This week was... a lot. We're nearing the end of our sales quarter at work, which means I'm stuck in presentation design land. Staring at Keynote for 8 hours a day can really start to mess with you. Add onto that a scare from our sweet lady above: Sriracha had her yearly vaccine boosters and had an adverse reaction that caused some swelling in her hind legs. We woke up to a shaking, upset puppy and promptly lost our sh*t. A very early and quick visit to our awesome Vet and we were back home with some painkillers and anti-inflammatories. I was able to spend the rest of the day with her and everything is back to normal, but... YOWZA... if this is how we feel when our pup is hurt, we're up a creek when we have a baby!

In other news, my beautiful Momsie had her birthday on Friday and I can't WAIT to go home to see her and celebrate a bit of a joint Easter/Birthday celebration next weekend! Hope everyone had a great one!

  • This plea to bring back charm is so... charming! Read and take notes, you won't be sorry. Part one & part two
  • Ever since P sustained his rugby injury last year, I've been keeping an extra sharp eye on concussion studies in sports and, as we move closer to starting a family of our own, concussion studies in youth sports leagues. We would definitely love a tiny rugby player, this test is one P & I could administer ourselves and determine if our kid is sitting out the rest of a game after an injury. It gives me a bit more confidence in allowing my child to play such an impact heavy sport. 
  • Obviously this is what I look like on a treadmill. #donthate
  • I could add another 987987234 reasons to this list! (see above)
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