Beauty Through the Years

Have you all seen these AWESOME videos? I came across the hair and makeup through the ages videos while lovingly browsing my daily digest from (awesome blog) The Frisky, and then found the African American and Iranian beauty videos by clicking through to the YouTube Channel.

I have to say, my favorite is the 50's look, but I'd be absolutely lying if I didn't say I've rocked the 80's style featured and enjoyed the HELL out of it. 

Look at those GORGEOUS curls!! And the beautiful 'fro!! SOSOSOSOSOSO jealous!

I have to say, women of Middle Eastern origin have the most beautiful hair and complexion EVER. That full, beautiful dark hair and stunning eyes, gorgeous! I love the look of the 60's here, but I'm totally partial to the 2000's and the Green Revolution look as well. It's interesting to see the changes in the political climate through the beauty expectations of women here. While I fully support every woman who chooses to wear the Hijab (and wear it beautifully, they do!), I hate that there were periods of time when women were forced into fully covering themselves at the pressure and decree of men.

This last one I found while doing some background research on a book review I'm working on. In looking for information about beauty and body standards in Victorian England last night I came across this gem from every wonderful BuzzFeed:

How fantastic is that? Very interesting how body shapes have moved from thinner to fuller in figure through the ages. Also to remember that these body types were further enhanced through the horrors of corsets, the abuse of drugs and rejection of food or the flat-out manipulation of the body through surgery. 

Kind of makes me hopeful and sad at the same time. For those of us who struggle with how we view our own bodies, looking at what has been used as a standard over time and how quickly and extremely it can change doesn't leave much wiggle room for simply being comfortable in your own skin, does it?

Either way, these videos are gorgeous and fascinating! What do you think?