Quick Reads #1

I don't know about you, but every now and again, I find myself in a what my journalism teacher used to call a "topicnado". It's not a uniquely modern hole that readers fall into (hello, topic based library junkies!), but it is infinitely easier to do in our age of hyperlinked and search engine optimized news pieces and blog posts. It starts out as an interesting article clicked on and two hours later ends in a string of likeminded articles that sucked you in and spit you out the moment you realized you haven't touched your coffee and it's now ice cold. 

In homage to this fun string of interestingness, I, an unabashed lover of reading every chance I possibly can, will feature these mini collections of articles when a fun topic arises.

Today it was food. Food is something I normally find terribly boring, but has been weighing heavily on my mind lately. P and I are both on a somewhat specialized diet since we're both in the midst of medical regimens to figure out the source of our tummy issues, so I've been having to read up and think about the issue more than I normally would. Since it's top-of-mind, I'm noticed more articles on it now.

What initially started this topic trail was this FANTASTIC article on food fads and the trend of framing food choices in moral tones and language.  I'm finding that my research is running into this kind of framing far too often. I've never thought of food as a moral choice (other than the ethical treatment of the animal providing  any animal based products, SO IMPORTANT!). I've always seen it as a set of choices made based on preferences, dietary needs, health concerns, etc. Diets have always felt weird to me. Being fairly uninterested in food, I've found several dishes that I like and I generally crave them specifically. I'm getting better about trying new things, but I would never consider myself a foodie of any kind. As I read though the articles, I found myself facinated by the extremes that this idea of moral framing has led to in the food trend world.

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  • Well + Good (Ohhhhh, shiny object! All the moral language concerning food and exercise I can stand! Time to explore...)

It really was a fun ride. I even got a new book out of the whole thing (This could get dangerous!!) also, two new blogs to follow, goodie!

    What did you think? Interesting? How about you? Any fun topics you'd like to suggest? I can post the trail I follow from a linked article and provide a fun glimpse into the mind of a fellow reader? Did any of these article take you down a different path? I'm fascinated to know!

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