Weekly Ledger #4

Thank the LORD above, spring has FINALLY sprung here in beautiful North Carolina! On the one hand, eww pollen everywhere, not the other hand... no more SNOWS, nor DRAFTS, nor stupidly cold days for no reason! This winter was tough. For a whole set of people not used to that much snowfall, having the ability to sit outside with my new book has been just heaven. I plan on making finding a comfortable outside reading chair my chief to-do this weekend.

Especially after getting an exciting surprise on Thursday when our founders announced that we will be joining the NetSuite family! Needless to say, it's been an exciting & exhausting two days of celebrations and champagne and information overload, but I'm terribly excited about what this is going to do for not only my career, but for our awesome people. We've all been working incredibly hard at providing the very best product we can, so now we're getting the chance to jump up into the big leagues with incredible support. I cant wait to see what awesomeness will follow!

With that being said, I plan on spending the weekend zoning out, lounging around, jumping into my reading list and FINALLY getting some dedicated time to pick up my writing again. I'm thinking a few good pieces to go out to editors and some work on my novel, it's been getting the short shrift while the job has taken over my brain space lately. So here's to relaxing weekends with some creativeness sprinkled in!

PS - Thanks for all the lovely feedback on the quick reads! I'm glad my weirdness and desire to read just about anything can be appreciated by someone other than my parents! I'll be posting more soon! You guys are the best! :D

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One Final Thought –

The history of astronomy is a history of receding horizons. 

- Edwin P. Hubble, namesake of the invaluable Hubble telescope which celebrates its 25th birthday today! What an incredibly mission it is to help provide an understanding of the cosmos, going strong and getting better with age!

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