Weekly Ledger #5

Pemba Tamang clasps the hands of his rescuers after being pulled from the rubble.

Pemba Tamang clasps the hands of his rescuers after being pulled from the rubble.

Hope has been on my mind a lot this week. After the events of last week, on so many topics, it has been a tough one for me.

First, and most importantly, Nepal was rocked by a gigantic earthquake that quite literally, brought the house down. Tens of thousands of people may be dead and ten times that many are sleeping on the streets. I've spoken before about my practice of Buddhism and seeing so many suffering has truly placed a weight on my heart. I've been attempting (and sometimes failing miserably) to keep my energy and vibes up (HIPPIE!!) and making my best attempt at pushing that positive energy out to those suffering... but it's tough. Seeing so much destruction and watching the numbers rise in the death toll is disheartening. I feel it attempting to settle into heart and I'm really having to push to see light in what is the heartland of my beliefs.  

That's why the two news pieces today were SO UPLIFTING! Two people, one boy and one woman were found alive in the rubble this week! Trapped since Saturday have been rescued and are recovering. Listening to them  share their incredible stories of survival is both harrowing and a tribute to the human spirit. Seeing the photo above was just the lift my heart needed. Hearing the stories of the rescue teams rejoicing when they found this boy after finding so much death helped restore hope and bring a sense of peace. It's so necessary to celebrate life among so much death. Help is still needed though, I SO urge you to consider donating to organizations that are already on the ground, an updated list can be found here.  Any extra I can spare is heading to two that I've worked with before: Medecins Sans Frontieres / Doctors Without Borders (MSF) and the Red Cross

On a more personal (yet totally unimportant in the grand scheme of things) note, our company was acquired last week which brings with it a TON (like T-O-N) of work with it + lots of uncertainty. All of this has required SO MUCH patience on my part. There simply aren't answers to many of the questions I have and there won't be for some time. What there is, is a WHOLE lot of prep work and hitting the ground running. While it's a totally positive and exciting thing, it's a whole lot of hurry-up-and-wait right now while also doing ALL THE THINGS at once. I'm making lists, prepping paperwork and gearing up for a smorgasbord of training which is a really fun challenge. Patience though. MAN it's a b-tch.

There it is! Weeks testing patiences and days filled with hope. Here's to a fantastic weekend for you, dear reader! Drink many wines and eat all the good foods!


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One Final Thought –

“Something new is coming into being where before there was at most an amorphous mass … Women create thread; they somehow pull it out of nowhere, just as they produce babies out of nowhere,” writes Barber.

- Elizabeth Wayland Barber excepted from an article that features a fascinating new theory about the beautiful Venus de Milo.