A little bit of what's been going on lately...

My baby brother graduated from college...COLLEGE. BABY BROTHER. Geez. It was SO COOL and SO WEIRD, all at the same time. Jer and I finally got to meet his fiancé family as well, they're weirdly EXACTLY like our family, so we all hit it off right away. It was really wonderful to see Jordan's new stomping grounds and see where he'll be getting married and settling in. I cant wait for the wedding this fall!

I finally got a chance to show P around the base that I was born and grew up on! Seymour Johnson held their 'Wings over Wayne' airshow the weekend before last and we met up with my parents to walk around and explore. I never realized how much I missed the sounds of the flight line. It instantly felt like home. Plus, now P knows what it feels like to have a plan take off in front of him and then feel it in his chest. It's totally unique and weird, but super cool. 

Finally, a few from my iPhone lately.  The above depicts a "I just need to run to BareMinerals for a makeup refill" trip that turned into an hour in the Lego store adventure for P and I. Below, we're definitely into the summer storm season here in North Carolina. Ominous skies and pulling a ton of rain noise out of my filming at work are a regular occurrence now. However, our office view still amazes me, so photos are the way!

This weekend has been a FANTASTIC one! P treated me to an early birthday weekend of movies and dinners out with breakfasts every day as well. My parents came up yesterday and we were all able to sit and talk over dinner so needless to say, I've loved having an incredible Memorial Day weekend :D Hope everyone has enjoyed the extra day off!