No. 11 // Scenes from the Weekend


That's been the running theme in our home this weekend. SO MUCH reasonable doubt.

P managed to pick up a nasty case of pneumonia, which meant he was prescribed some pretty serious cough medicine (the good stuff, as he put it) and I, by proxy, got a day off to play nurse and make sure he got some sleep and had an eye on him to be sure he didn't overheat or anything. I took that time to DDDDEEEEEPPPPP clean the kitchen, which was on my to-do list and set up my yearly budget. Basically P got to pass out for a dog free day of sleeping and I got a chance to be an adult for a little bit, it was actually quite productive and nice! I was also able to FINALLY have Christmas with my family and we got a SWEET new countertop convection oven as well as some gorgeous scarves and jewelry and P was gifted the MOST AWESOME Vader cookie jar that is now proudly displayed on our bar (thanks family!)! After all that, we started watching 'Making a Murderer' on Saturday afternoon and fell deep into the rabbit hole. Overall, I'd say successful weekend! 

We're still finishing up MaM so I'll be sure to discuss after all the dust settles down but one thing I will say is that we've both had to stop between episodes and remind ourselves to keep on our skeptics hat. The documentary shows what seem to be more than a few clear procedural problems, however, it is clearly slanted in favor of Steven Avery. As two VERY keen realists, we're always making a point to keep our eyes as open as possible and to be sure that we're not swayed one way or another without a hearty dose of sensitivity to the fact that everything has a spin to it. That said... WATCH. It honestly is an incredible mini-series and we spent all of brunch debating theories, as we've been sure to not look ahead at anything about the case. Have you watched it yet? What do you think? I'd love to hear! 


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