No 10. // Scenes From the Weekend

With the exception of an unfortunate hot sauce incident, as seen above, that freaked out a few of our poor neighbors; we've had a relatively quiet weekend. I'm gearing up for managing our quarterly sales kickoff, a very large and intricate off-site training event that my team at work hosts. I've spent most of the weekend eyeballs deep in Adobe Illustrator working on print materials and finalizing a few things so I'm looking forward to next weekend when I can relax a bit.

Otherwise, P and I have enjoyed cooking some warm stew and chili and front-loading chores so that this week can go smoothly with me mostly out of commission to help around the house. I'm working on a few posts that are going to go over a few of my New Years Intentions and some really fun collections of things that have been piking my interest lately that I think you all would like. Until then, here's to lots of laundry, meal planning and snuggling our girls a little extra this slow weekend!


  • I've been really mulling over my resolutions and intentions I'm setting for the new year and seeing this in my feed was just what I needed to see. Things that shouldn't impress us anymore
  • Speaking of resolutions, a great list of easy health resolutions to make and follow this year. 
  • Now that it Winter has finally decided to show it's face around here, I'm wearing more of my dry clean only sweaters and boots I've spent more on than I want to admit. Reading this piece on allowing for life to be messy when it comes to our clothes takes off a bit of stress.
  • I am proud to admit that I am a hippy peacnik who thinks ALL guns and violence should stay in the past, where they belong. As an enlightened, modern society, these antiquated pieces of human culture/nature have not place in our world. Which is why it's always so sad to see Christians pushing guns and xenophobia when the Word so clearly states Jesus felt otherwise. It was heartening to be catching up on some of my article reading and come across this incredible write-up by by the incredible Shane Claiborne. 
  • Loved, loved, LOVED looking through these incredible woodcuts. A new book for me to collect!
  • Lastly, I'll be ordering one of each of these for the girls!
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