No. 13 // Weekly

Heeeyyyoooo Internetland! I do hope everyone had a lovely week and weekend! This weekend was a purposeful exercise in taking it easy and getting a few things done that have been LONG overdue.

First, we played old people and went to the 10am showing of The Witch at our local theatre, and let me tell you... WOAH. Just... WOAHWOAHWOAH. Keep in mind this isn't a jump scare horror movie, this is a deeply disturbing piece of storytelling that focuses it's lens on a deeply religious Puritan family dynamic set in the early 1600's New England. As one of the trailers said, this tells the story of something we shouldn't be seeing, something wrong and terrible. Walking out of the theatre I just couldn't shake the feeling of being deeply creeped out. I haven't felt that way about a movie in quite some time and it was a fascinating car ride to lunch as P and I discussed what we thought about the film through our different perspectives. It just oozes feminist themes and is devastatingly gorgeous in it's authenticity and attention to detail. I HIGHLY suggest you see it. Really. It's not what you would expect, but is wonderfully thought provoking and feels really important, especially in our current culture. 

Second, I finally sat down to organize my thoughts and ideas for where I plan to take this blog, in terms of content. I got a head start on several essays and am excited to finish up my first entry in the personal essay category and share it with you all. Hopefully this week. I've been working on it these last weeks since Lent has started during my quiet time and hope it will be the first of many to come. I don't want to become boring, with the same-ole same-ole content that other bloggers produce. I'm a writer and I want to exercise that muscle more on subjects beyond what I write for other outlets right now. I want to set my intentions out first, both for you and for me. I want to be sure what I'm writing is authentic and is necessary. I don't want to pour myself into something that isn't relevant or good. I'm excited... and shit scared too. #challenges

That photo up there signifies this weekend nicely. P has filled our home with mouthwatering smells today and we've been taking on some CHOICE lush reds while being absolute nerds and watching NOVA all day. It's kind of our normal and I'm ok with it :D

Elsewhere –

  • Seneca on How to Fortify yourself Against Fear and Misfortune.
  • A great reminder to not compare our messy creative processes to someone's end product. The hustle counts. 
  • Speaking of lush reds, this is my favorite right now. I'm definitely a Malbec lover, but this blend is incredible and sub $25 #win.
  • Gorgeous photographs documenting female writers in ultra-conservative Northern Nigeria. 
  • Of course the stories of women are important, so is allowing them space to share them
  • We've earmarked our tax return for a new mattress... a KING sized mattress! I'm pretty excited and shopping around for sheets. These look pretty amazing and since I tend to overheat, the breathability is very appealing. Perhaps with this silk quilt?


I'd love to know what you all think of the idea of this being a space for personal essays and a more in-depth form of writing. Would that be something you all would be interested in? Have any topics you'd like to hear thoughts on? I've love some feedback!