Bumpdate: 37 Weeks

Oh HAIIIIII, full term! IMADEITIMADEITIMADEIT! Bey and I made it to 37 weeks! We're officially considered 'at term', meaning: if I deliver anytime before 40 weeks I'll just have an 'early term' delivery. ALL THAT TO SAY: this baby can come A-N-Y-T-I-M-E now, the doctor said so! (Mama says so too, just to be clear!) This bumpdate is a bit late because we spent our long MLK Jr. weekend... having contractions 😩.

Starting around Saturday afternoon I spent a long three days having intermittent pain and contractions that never actually coalesced into labor, but THOROUGHLY freaked Patrick and I out. Things started to settle out a bit on Monday evening and we went to the OB yesterday to confirm all was well, but... DAMN that was a lot for a weekend! We had a few 'Should we go in?' moments but decided we didn't want to head to the hospital and be checked out and told to go home, so it was all warm baths and walking and movie distractions for us. Now that I'm feeling a bit better, I can sit down to write my overview of last week, so let's do this!



37 Weeks: According to the emails, the baby is variously the size of: a diaper bag, lettuce (again?) and a head of Swiss Chard; roughly 19 inches long and ~6lbs.... I can confirm this in that I am roughly the size of a small Swiss city and can no longer wash my face at our sink without fully drenching my belly #thanksbaby.

Overview of Last Week –

  • Body & Baby – Last week was all about fun pains. We started the week off right by going to our company's quarterly review and having to leave early because I felt some weird pains and couldn't sit for more than a few minutes without feeling like I was going to scream. I made it through the first half of the review, called our OB and had an emergency appointment scheduled. Because I left after the second half of the meeting started and then Patrick left after I confirmed the appointment, we found out we had freaked out my sales team, who had assumed it was go-time. Hahahahha, sorry all! It turned out to be what we ended up experiencing later in the weekend: random, unconsolidated and unproductive contractions. Bey was just moseying on down and in the process triggering some fun practice contractions in the process. Overall though, I'm just feeling REALLY tired and am really having to pay attention to how much I'm doing. I can't spend too much time on my feet or I trigger some excruciating Sciatica, so I'm making sure to have a chair with me when I'm cleaning up things in the nursery or taking a more conscious stance on breaks when we're out and about. I'd love Bey to come early, but I don't want to push my body into something it's not quite ready for. 
  • Emotions – I'm finding that I'm REALLY freaking myself out with each new pain. I really need to calm down on this. This baby is going to show up on it's own time and in it's own right time, I'm not helping myself, or anyone else, by stressing out and making normal pains and pressures worse by blowing them out of proportion. I'm making a conscious effort now to really take a few minutes to find a quiet place and analyze what I'm feeling before making a judgement call this week. I have NO PROBLEM giving the Nurse Line a ring and asking a question, as those folks have been SO sweet in dealing with first-timer questions, but I really don't need to live each moment thinking something is going down. It's not good for my nerves, it's not good for Patrick's nerves (bless his heart) and it's not helping Bey. This week is all about calming down and re-centering when things get a bit rattled. Bey will come when Bey is good and ready and I'll be ready when that time comes as well. Trust the universe, trust my body, trust this baby. 
  • Home – For all intents and purposes, the nursery is DONE! We have everything setup and ready to go, I'm getting in a few books and keepsakes slowly trickling in and adding them to shelves or walls, but otherwise... DONE! It looks like a proper tiny person's room in there and I'm now browsing Pinterest and saving ideas for after we find out our sweet one's gender. No big or dramatic changes, but a few fun projects I can do when Bey and I find our groove on leave and I can personalize the space a little bit. Also THE HOSPITAL BAG IS PACKED! YESYESYESYESYES it is! Packed and ready to go! I CAN STOP THINKING ABOUT IT! This makes me EXTREMELY happy! I can see it when I walk by the nursery and I even got the girls a go-bag packed for boarding when the time comes! PRODUCTIVE! I feel SO much more prepared now! The last thing to do is to print out a list of the things that can't go in the bag quite yet (wallet, keys, makeup, etc) and add that paper to the bag area for when real go-time happens and we need to get everything together that we're still using regularly. I'll do that this week. 
  • ETC – This week was a fun one for etcetera items! The photo above is from our team outing at Bully City Escape. Since we're a sales support team, we didn't really have time to take a day off work before Christmas for our team holiday outing, so we finally were able to sneak away and CRUSH an escape room together! It was SO FUN! We also made it out with 57 seconds to spare! #HOTdamn! I'd heard of these rooms before, but had never participated in one. It honestly was a blast! I LOVELOVELOVE riddles and puzzles and being able to work through the space with my team was a fantastic experience in observing how my peers think and operate. I HIGHLY recommend these to you! Our particular room only had a 30% solve rate, so we feel pretty exceptional about ourselves (not that we didn't before, but, you know, we have #receipts now!) We then went out for DELICIOUS fries and brauts and beers and I had a fantastic time learning parenting from these guys. We have two non-parents (technically three, I'm not quite one yet) in the group and Eric and Aubrey were awesome sports in that they added fun commentary and insight. I was also thrown a surpise mini-shower by my co-workers this week! Everyone so sweetly took their lunch hour to bring in gifts and sit and share funny stories about their pregnancies and kids and I was reminded again how incredibly lucky I am to work with such AWESOME people! I had NO clue this was going to happen and had prepared notes for the meeting that was setup and, honestly, just spent that time feeling really cared-for and grateful to have such beautiful people around me who are excited for me and support me all the way. To all of you: you're honest-to-god the BEST people in the world! Thank you SO MUCH for your support and encouragement!

I'll forgo my 'Things I Found and Loved' this week as I honestly can't remeber if what I found was from last week or this week. I'll blame #babybrain and come up with a great list for the 38 Week Bumpdate. 

I hope everyone has a lovely week! I know we're experiencing some SNOOOOOOOOOOWWWWZZZZ, along with most of the rest of the Eastern Seaboard, so everyone stay safe and warm!

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