Bumpdate: 39 Weeks

Here we are! Last week! My official due date is February 2nd, so by this coming Friday, I could be holding my kid!!! I'm just going to go ahead and lay it out there... this baby can come ANYTIME she/he wants this week. Patrick and I are on pins and needles waiting! Pretty soon, it wont be bumpdates I'll be giving so much as baby updates! I'll have to come up with an equally cheezy title for those updates. Let me know of any suggestions you have in the comments! Ok, let's get on with business...


This week I'm at 39 Weeks, according to the emails, the baby is variously the size of: a pumpkin (TRUUUUUU see above), a table lamp (huh? ok, I choose on I feel like to link to 🙃 ), and a mini watermelon (I disagree, a WHOLE watermelon is more like it!)

Overview of Last Week –

  • Baby & Body – TIGHT. TIGHTTIGHTTIGHTTIGHT is where we are. Goodness! There's no more ROOM baby! Don't you know there's plenty of room OUT HERE?! I'm having mini contractions fairly often. None regular and not peaking out enough to be true labor, but still, annoying and moderately painful. My back is also just... DONE. The baby is shifted way down and I'm feeling this incredible kind of pull on my lower back that makes walking very far quite a feat. For the most part, baby is still moving around quite a bit and I'm just trying to take it easy, while still moving around enough to help her/him mosey on down even more. Lots of squats and bouncing on an exercise ball to let baby know they can vacate Mommy sooner rather an later. I'm taking the opportunity to walk a bit more, and by walk, I mean waddle-shuffle around to get things moving along as well. According to the doctor and everyone who can see me (and you can see above), baby is still too high. I'm on a mission to encourage some downward movement so we can get on with things! I've not been great about keeping a visual record of how big my belly has gotten over this pregnancy, but I did want to capture a few frames to catch this last week of my pregnancy. I know some people aren't into the above sort of photos, but WOW it's a change from the other belly photos I have! As you can see, baby is pulling my back WAY in. Overall though, I'm just SO impressed with my body! Goodness GRACIOUS that's a lot of baby in there! This whole physical process has been SO fascinating and I have just been in awe of how Mother Nature has evolved my womanly body to carry out this whole pregnancy process. Thinking it through, all the ways this is just a totally absurd physical process, yet is SO glorious is just... WOW! I'm so glad I was able to convince myself this was all worth it. I think I've handled all the challenges and such with at least a fair amount of grace, and if this is my last time I'll experience this (most likely), I'll SO treasure how much this has changed me in so many ways. While I can't wait to be a Mother, I'll miss this incredible period of bonding with my baby as one person! We go into our (hopefully) last OB appointment on Tuesday and I know there are going to be some interesting conversations there. I want to prepare myself for the inducement discussion and keep my options as open as possible. Trust my body, trust this baby and trust my doctors.
  • Emotions – ALL the anxious! I'm SO close! I can feel it deep in my heart. I know things are moving along quickly and I can feel this season of pregnancy coming to a close. I feel both sad and excited. I'm sad in that this has been such a learning experience and such an exercise in self-discipline and internal fortitude. Pregnancy isn't for the faint of heart and I've had to learn to let go of more control than I've been comfortable with, but I'm so in awe of how I've noticed I've changed. My mind is different. My heart is different. My views of the world are changing. I feel myself becoming more deeply rooted in a well of compassion. I see the world through the eyes of one who feels the weight of responsibility for others. I know this is going to make me even MORE deeply progressive in my views and I'm thankful for that. I'm also seeing Patrick in a new way. His compassion and care of me has been SUCH a gift. SUCH A GIFT! Watching him grow more and more excited and speak more and more about how he's feeling himself change in views is an incredible gift. I can't wait to see him as a father! My goal for this week is to keep calm. To dive deeper into my meditation and prepare myself for what is coming. I want to keep myself measured in my fear and allow myself to be excited for what is to come. Labor is a short period in all of this adventure, keeping it in that perspective will make the journey to come FAR less scary than I have a tendency to make it out to be.
  • Home – Since everything has been done, I'm still just finishing up cleaning tasks. This weekend will be all about washing our bed linens and our living room linens and just keeping the flat tidy.
  • ETC – We've been shamefully late in getting out our thank you notes for gifts we've received, so my goal is to finish those up this week too. I'd also like to settle on a birth announcement design that I like. We're having an incredible photographer come visit us in the hospital for a "Fresh 48" session to capture we and our new baby as soon after birth as possible. I want to capture all of those details from those first precious days and keep those moments close. I'll be sure to share when we get back our final images!

Things I Found and Loved This Week –

  • I love this collection of photographs of chess players as they're thinking through their strategy. I feel like this is similar to my face when I play, just add in more confusion.
  • We're a bit late to the game on this one, but we FINALLY downloaded the Amazon Prime app on our Apple TV and have been exploring and have been swept up in our current favorite 'Britannia'. I've loved Celtic history and especially the Celtic religion for a long time and since my family history traces back to Ireland and the British Isles, I'm REALLY enjoying watching this one! I especially love the women in this series. Powerful and confident.
  • Whenever we discuss moving back to Charleston, one place we always try to keep an open mind about is moving back to Folly Beach. Even with all the challenges of living out there, seeing a modernized beach house like this one makes me think it would be worth it!
  • Lastly, I loved reading these perspectives on having one child. We're not totally quashing the idea, but we're 80% convinced that this baby will be our one baby. With all the things that have to come together to have a child, being able to have THIS baby was a miracle for us. I love hearing from others what went into their decision to stick with one as well.

Ok! We'll see what this week brings, but I'm SO excited to see how things progress!! Keep your fingers crossed that this kid will take a chance on making and early apperence! Have the loveliest week and if things go quiet around here, you'll know why!

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