Bumpdate: 40 Weeks


Happy Due Date, Baby! I'm SO GLAD you're enjoying your continued occupation of my person! I'm not bitter about this at all!


Welp, here we are. 40 Weeks! I'm full term, emphasis on the FULL. I can now officially say that I'm carrying around something the size of a watermelon that is hanging off my front and pulling on my back. What an achievement! I now fully believe that due dates are mean evil teaser numbers that doctors tell you when you're in the midst of morning sickness and in need of a time frame to convince yourself that this too shall pass!

Here's the thing: I complain, but I'm SO thankful for this baby. SO thankful. But... still. I've been occupied for 40 weeks now. I was given a time frame to spend freaking out and getting excited and dreaming about my kid... and now I'm at the end point and... no kid. I'm absolutely sure bey is in there, warm and cozy and growing a little bit more and has a damn good reason for hanging out a bit longer. But GOOD LORD. Mommy wants to MEET you baby! Daddy is SO excited to meet you! Grandparents are waiting for you! Uncles and Aunts have plans to visit next week! COME ON!!! Hooookay. Let's get on with this, honestly, HOPEFULLY, my last bumpdate!


This week I'm at 40 Weeks, according to the emails, the baby is variously the size of: a watermelon (OHHHH yes), a beach ball (I wish it was this light!) or a small pumpkin (NAY! a large one).

Overview of Last Week –

  • Baby & Body – Oh, you know, just... READY. I've had a few days of long stretches of cramping in the bottom part of my belly. Nothing consolidated and nothing that has any sort of peak or lull. Baby is also feeling waaaayyyy down. I'm getting socked in the hips pretty regularly and baby is moving, but is having these tiny tight movements. The OB said this is normal as space is at a premium and bey doesn't quite have enough space to wind up for a good pitch at my belly. I also had my OB appointment on Tuesday and I'm at 1cm dilated. So... something is happening. Just not fast enough for my taste! Patrick and I have been taking some good walks and I'm breaking out the exercise ball for some bouncing around to get things going. Looks like that basically what my weekend will be like! This baby better get a move on, Jer and Chris are coming into town next Friday as well as Jordan and Ashley. I REALLY don't want to have them visit without a baby to snuggle!
  • Emotions – I feel SO drained. Just... REALLY ready to meet this baby! I'm trying REALLY hard to keep my spirits up and my mind in the right head space, but I'm finding it really discouraging not to have any discernible progress on the physical side. Patrick has been SO great in keeping me calm and sane and laughing and he's been taking me out for my favorite foods every night to cheer me up. My friends at work have also been so sweet to be encouraging this week as well. I SOSOSOSOSO appreciate this! I have a no evidence based feeling that bey will make their appearence sometime early next week, honestly, just a gut feeling, but I'm going to stick with it and see what happens. I want to spend this weekend keeping it cool and distracting myself with some good snuggles and movies with my sweet little troop. I also want to focus my conversations with Patrick in on being excited for what's to come! None of this discouragement business. Just excitement to meet my kid and introduce her/him to my family and see the people I love fit into their new titles and fall in love with my kid!
  • Home – Nothing really to do here. Everything is done and ready! I'll take on some laundry and give the kitchen another turn to keep it nice and scrubbed up. Probably the bathroom as well. Distraction is the name of the game this weekend!
  • ETC – I'm thinking this weekend I should focus on getting some rest. Just in case. Maybe it's one of those "If she sleeps, they will come" situations. Like, if I really prep in a meaningful way, bey will have mercy on me. Hahahahah. Movies and naps and dinners with Patrick and snuggles with the girls.

Things I Found and Loved This Week –

  • It turns out AI has helped to decode the Voynich manuscript! I've been fascinated with this particular document since I was introduced to it in my theology classes in college. It's a SUPER weird document that contains a little bit of everything, but was either in a lost lanuage or a coded language some of the best codebreakers in the world couldn't break. Turns out we just needed to give Google Translate a try! I'm so excited to follow this story!
  • I've loved following other preggos and Moms on Instagram throughout this season of pregnancy. It's lovely to be able to share in this really weird time we other women who are going through the same pains and progress I am and I've loved seeing birth stories posted and can't wait to share my own. That said, I'm SUPER loving that more Moms are embracing the absurdity of what your body goes through in pregnancy and are featuring the reality of their bodies after labor. In that spirit, I was introduced to Tina V from by beloved Pregnant Chicken email newsletter and spent a very enjoyable evening laughing my way through her posts! I love her spirit and find so much inspiration in the way she's presenting herself. I've been wanting to upgrade my dedication to my Instagram feed and I've feeling SO inspired by her work! Plus, it's SUPER fun, this fantastic (and TRRUUUUU) photo is my favorite so far!
  • EVERYONE loves Kristen Bell and she's got THE MOST incredible new webseries on Ellen's YouTube channel called 'Momsplaining' and I laughed and cried by way through the first three episodes. Do yourself a GIANT favor and watch it. You wont regret it!


Otherwise, I've resolved to not leave my doctors office, at my appointment next Friday, without a firm date of delivery. I know I'd like to naturally go into labor, but this is killing me! Send me all your labor wishes! Have the loveliest weekend!

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