Introducing... my son!

HE'S HERE!!!!! It's a HE!!!!

I know it's been, like, two weeks, but F-I-N-A-L-L-Y I'm so INCREDIBLY proud to introduce to the world....


Henry Daniel Crouthamel-Willard

Born 02/05/2018 @ 9:09pm –  6lbs 14oz  – 17 1/2 inches long


I'm still processing my labor and I'll write out my birth story at some point soon, but for now, it's still a giant mix of emotions and is still pretty raw. A few small details though: ~18 hours of labor with 3 or so of those pushing. Natural labor with the most GLORIOUS nursing staff in the entire world!

Obviously we're all home and doing really well. Mostly just healing and getting to know each other, but HE'S HERE and HE'S PERFECT! I'll be back to writing babe-dates (BLAMO, #posttitleWIN) soon. For now, we're still resting a bit and we'll be back to regular posting soon!

Thanks so much for all the best wishes! We've been blown away by the love we've received in the last few weeks! We love and adore you all!

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