Babedate: 5 Weeks

Oh HAAIIII, everyone! I'm back! And I'm a MOM....


I'm going to try to pick this weekly posting back up consistently. I'm also working on a few posts about what I learned through pregnancy to share, so I'll post those when I'm done. Otherwise...




I have a newborn... in my house... no longer in my belly... and I pushed that thing out of a place that is just... not big enough for that thing to come out of... even though it's made for it... but still..


I mean... LOOK AT HIM:


Overview of Last Week –

  • Baby  – This week Henry is 5 weeks old! We've been warned that we're in the midst of the biggest developmental and growth leap of his entire life and that the next several weeks are going to be a WHOLE bunch. I'm pretty freaked out by that fact, in that we were told it is going to be really frustrating for the next few weeks because he's not going to be very cooperative while he's growing. He's gained back his birth weight plus a few pounds, which is a MAJOR victory for us. He was struggling to gain weight for his first two weeks and he and I were both frustrated with my milk supply, but it seems we're over the hump! He's still the cutest guy I've ever seen, and he's spending more time awake now. He likes the light from our huge living room and bedroom windows, so we try and let him enjoy that when it's not too bright out. we've also had a few outings with him and he's slept right through them like a champ! It's nice to feel a little more normal now that we can get back to our routines with him in tow.  Now we're just working on reading his signals so we can respond to him better. I've got most of them down, but we're still feeling each other out a bit, especially now that he's developing more and paying more attention.
  • Mommy – I'm feeling A LOT better, but I'm still healing. Now that we've figured out how to take Henry out with us, I'm moving around quite a bit more. It's A LOT more walking than I've done in quite some time. Toward the end of my pregnancy, between my back hurting so much and being so big, I took it easy to preserve my own sanity. After we go out, I feeel really worn out. It's such a strange feeling. I know it isn't long walking, but, in thinking about it, it's more exercise than I've had in several months. Plus, I can still feel my hips a bit out of place. I'll get there, and I need to be a bit more patient with myself. I've been trying to get up and move a bit more around the apartment and get back into a routine. We've had people visiting for the last severals weeks and now that we're actually able to stay in with just the three of us and the girls, I'm trying to get things a bit back to normal. The other thing is: Henry is up every hour and a half and I'm really feeling the sleep deprivation. I have my postpartum visit next week, it'll be good to know everything is a-ok with me after everything I've been through.
  • Emotions – I'm really tired. The sleep deprivation is really getting to me. I'm trying to sleep more when Henry does, but any noise he makes sends me into adrenaline high. I'm trying to cool it, but it's really tough. I'm trying to not let it effect how I speak to Patrick but we're both SO tired it happens. I'm making a point to re-center myself when I get frustrated or feel snappy to counteract the crankiness. We'll figure it out, for now, switching nights "on duty" helps.

Things I Found and Loved This Week –

  • This is FANTASTIC! The 'toddler feelings hotline'. Also: feels like adults have some of these problems too!
  • I struggled for quite some time with the lack of 'urge' to have a child. I always thought it was something wrong with me, even though I knew women have a choice and that choice is totally valid no matter what. This brilliant article reminded me of the way I came around to wanting a kid and now that I have Henry, I couldn't imagine my life without him.
  • My Buddhist practice has taken on a whole new meaning now that I have Henry. He tests my patience all the time, but he's also opened up my heart in ways I didn't realize. This great article on Buddhist leader Sakyong Mipham is really beautiful and helps me think through how my practice will effect parenting Henry.


I've missed posting! I keep having these great ideas for posts and several posts of things that helped me through pregnancy that I want to post that friends I know who are pregnant or trying to get pregnant keep asking me about. To keep myself sharp (and awake while nursing) I think I'll get going on those. Are there any topics you all would like to hear? I'd also like to write out my birth story, I think it would be helpful for me to process it. Hope everyone is doing well! I'll also be posting my favorite photos from the 'Fresh 48' photo shoot we had commissioned on Henry's second day of life. I'm so excited to share!

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