Our "Fresh 48"

One of the best decisions I made during my pregnancy (besides, you know, GETTING pregnant) is hiring a photographer to come to the hospital when Henry was super fresh.

I found Sarah on Instagram and was SO smitten with her photographic style and working with her was an absolute dream! When she arrived I was really scared that our tiny, not well-lit room would totally ruin our photos, but Sarah worked with what she had and shot these GORGEOUS photos for us that I will treasure for the rest of my life! She has also has clearly worked with newborns before! She handled Henry like a total pro and was SO sweet with directing us gently, as I was still pretty out of it. She caught my precious son in all his newborn glory and gave us these gorgeous shots when we were all awash in the haze of love with Henry:

One thing that feels a bit more special about these photos: these are some incredibly raw photos of me.

I was in a lot of pain and out of it because of that and pain medication and SO tired that I was barely able to make myself look presentable for these photos. These were taken less than a day after my labor and it's honestly difficult to look at the photos with me in them. All I see is the swelling of fluid retention, the dust on my nightgown, my no longer pregnant, but still pregnant looking tummy and makeup applied hastily after a night of broken sleep learning to feed my son. As precious as these are to me, all I see if a very tired woman who should have taken more time to pull it together. Those thoughts are awful, and I recognize that. I think that's what makes me love these even more. I'll be printing these in albums and several large format prints and lots of little prints and they'll be all over my house. I'll be looking at them and remembering WHY these photos are so special. These moments caught our son fresh and new. They caught us tired and recovering and DEEPLY awash in a new kind of scary and incredible love. They caught US. US. A new family. MY new family.

Sarah, I can't thank you enough for this kind of incredible gift!

At some point we'll be taking "real" photos with Henry. Good light, hair and makeup, thought-through wardrobe and a beautiful setting. For now though, I have these photos on my phone and I keep scrolling through them and crying and remembering, through the sleep deprivation and frustration with a newborn figuring out the world, HOW MUCH I love this. How special this is. What a miracle my son is. At the end of the day, no matter what, THAT is what is show here: my greatest gift. My sweet family.

Jamie CrouthamelComment