Babedate: 7 weeks


This is the first box of clothes that my sweet boy has grown out of. Since we didn’t know he would be so small, we didn’t plan for, and, therefore, didn’t have a lot of clothes to fit him as a newborn. This box has a few premie and mostly newborn sized outfits in it and I cried the entire time I packed it up. Partly because my sweet boy is so big and mostly because I’m pretty sure this is my one and only baby. My pregnancy went great once we got going into the 2nd trimester, but it took SO much to get to that point. Plus, this newborn phase has been a fracking GAUNTLET. I’m not sure we could survive this with a toddler. Plus, I’d most likely be considered a high-risk pregnancy when it’s safe for me to start trying again. All added up, Henry is most likely going to be an only and we’re a-ok with that! We want to be a city dwelling family anyway and this allows us to focus our finances on getting him the best education we can. All to say: I’m trying to drink in as much as I can of Henry. Everything takes on a new meaning and I’m just going to savor as much as I can!

Overview of Last Week –

  • Baby  – This week Henry is 7 weeks old! My sweet baby is almost TWO WHOLE MONTHS OLD! Oh how time flies when you’re sleep deprived! Speaking of which, Henry’s getting slightly more predicatable on that front. For the most part we can predict his rhythms and adjust around them to get some sleep. He’s also spending more time awake now, which is actually pretty fun! We’ve been working on tummy time and strengthening his neck muscles and also working on how to keep him entertained. We’ve got black and white, high contrast cards with designs and drawings on them taped up around his changing table and the couch where he takes his naps. It’s so fun seeing him notice them and those things keep his attention. He’s also smiling! Not so much with us, as at us. We’re working on making him smile with us and he’s attempting laughter. He’s super vocal now and that’s both cute and annoying as he hasn’t quite mastered volume control yet. Overall, he’s becoming more interested in us and I’m really loving it! He also may have silent reflux, which SUCKS, as he most likely has had it for this whole time and we didn’t know. He started to scream and cry and tear off of me while nursing (HOLY SH*TBALLS that hurts!) and it got to the point where he almost wouldn’t nurse with me at all. We’ve been supplementing since the first few weeks, as he needed to gain weight, and kept that up so I could get some sleep at some point and now he’s having to eat more of that and I’m NOT happy about it. We went to his doctor early this week and he prescribed Zantac, now we’re just administering it to see if he helps things. MAN I hope so!
  • Mommy – I’ll just be honest: I’m FRACKING tired. I get it, this is life for now, but DAMN this is difficult to adjust to. I didn’t sleep a lot before and thought I would be able to handle this well because of that... I WAS WRONG, SO WRONG. I think I wrote this exact sentence in the last bumpdate... that’s how tired I am. The thought of going to work like this is a little terrifying, but I so crave contact with other adults as well. We’re also working on finding a backup for Henry’s day care. Our first choice won’t have a spot for us for a few more months, so we’re scrambling to find somewhere he can go for a bit. We’ve have a few options we’re looking at, but I’m SUPER interested in recommendations from other Durham moms! 
  • Emotions – Lastly, this reflux issue is really eating at me. Henry and I haven’t had the easiest breastfeeding journey and not being able to nurse with him is awful. I’m taking it personally that his tummy is an issue, I know how stupid that is. Fed is best. But, that said, it really bothers me that I’m not able to have that time with him. I’ve been trying to find the time to pump on schedule, but that’s a little difficult with a two month old who still doesn’t have a schedule yet. I’m trying my best, but still. Did anyone else have these sorts of issues? Henry is getting both breastmilk and formula, so he’s getting the benefit of both, but... I don’t know. This is really making my heart break. I’m really hoping this prescription for Zantac works. I want to be able to go back to spending that time bonding with him. It’s hard to bond when he’s screaming in the middle of the night, but when we nurse, it’s just he and I. I miss it SO much. Another thing, It’s officially one month until I’m back at work. A thought that makes me cry buckets everytime I think about it. It’s too soon. I want Henry and I to have more time to be together. The US parental leave policy is bullshit. MY COMPANY parental leave policy is bullshit. I hate it. I’m glad I have SOMETHING... but it’s not enough time. I want to go back, I do... just not yet.

Things I Found and Loved This Week –

  • I posted this on Facebook, but DAMN is it still funny! I have it on it’s own window on my Mac to pop over and read when I’m feeling frustrated: realistic baby announcements. The last several are my favorite!
  • Since we’re up to our ears in it: a fascinating article about the changing microbiome of baby stomachs. It sounds gross but is SO cool!
  • I’ve been thinking about how to clean up my routines and simplify things in my life. Reading this fantastic article on a personal challenge to eliminate or add habits to one’s repratoire. 


I hope everyone has the loveliest Easter this weekend! We’re not doing anything special, as, honestly, I forgot it was almost Easter until yesterday. But we will have my Mom come up to hang out with us for a post birthday meal and we’ll celebrate with her and my Dad a bit. I’ll see if there are any particularly cute Easter theamed onesies for our two month photo shoot. We’ll see! May you all have peeps and chocolate bunnies and non-terrifying Easter Bunny fun!

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